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While selecting a printer is one thing, choosing printer toner is another tricky matter. Yes, you may get a great deal for the printer you choose, but the most crucial is that the toner cartridge will cost a lot more than the printer in the long run and you will end up with the thought of switching another printer which will cost a fortune. Therefore, it is critical that you pay attention in both selecting a printer and find out the cost for the toner cartridges as well.

Do keep in mind that the calculations for different brands as well as toners for both inkjet and laser printer varies. Depending on your frequency in printing, it could worth more to purchase a more expensive printer with a cheaper line of toner cartridge, which will usually cost much lesser. There is also the option of refilling your own toners, which can cost dramatically less than buying a new one every time it runs out. Be aware though, that printer manufacturers today add tiny chips to prevent their toners from being refilled with fake inks.


There are many branded printer, such as Fuji Xerox printer, OKI Printer, and HP printer are offering affordable toner cartridge. Unfortunately, there are companies out there that labels their cartridges as “re-manufactured” when all they did was simply refilling the empty cartridge with toner. Therefore, it is vital for you to buy re-manufactured cartridges from trusted manufacturers.

One other advantage of using a re-manufactured cartridge is that it is sort of a similar practice on using recycled brown paper bags rather than plastic bags when you are shopping. To simplify it, this process is basically recycling old cartridges for better and cheaper use rather than increasing waste to the environment.

This is why it is important that you take your time identifying compatible ink cartridges that offers high quality and manufactured by trusted sellers. So for those who are looking to save on cost, you should keep an eye on good quality compatible cartridges as it does not only saves you money but compatibles would give you more than what you have paid.

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admin • September 6, 2016

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